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(rhymes with ranger)

Award winning film, video and multimedia producer, Michael Wanger, specializes in programs for business, education and entertainment. In addition to medical education programs, he has produced training and marketing videos for corporations such as Memorex, Wells Fargo Bank and Silicon Graphics. Michael has played an integral part in the development of several CD-ROM and DVD titles and has produced music, documentary and interactive programs for Grateful Dead Records. His music programs appear frequently on PBS, and he has garnered three Emmy nominations. Michael is a speaker and moderator for industry conferences and was named by AV Video Multimedia Producers magazine as one of the Top 100 Producers of 2001.

Producer for Film, Video and Multimedia

Video Editor, Linear and Non-Linear Systems

Stock Footage Research & Acquisition

Speaker and Moderator for Industry Conferences

M.A., San Francisco State University, Broadcast Communication Arts
B.A., Stanford University, Broadcasting and Film

Something to Consider

You can make anything in life seem good or bad. It depends on what you compare it to.
The important thing to remember is that YOU are the one who chooses what to compare it to.


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