"Wildlife Symphony"

Wildlife from the far corners of the earth scamper, leap, wrestle, chase, collide, fly, swim and swing to music by the world's great classical composers.

1. Overture to The Magic Flute (Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart) (2:16)
Introduction and Title

2. Dance of the Swans from Swan Lake (Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky) (1:22)
Leafcutter Ants

3. The Virgin's Slumber Song (Max Reger) (1:51)

4. Reflections on the Water (Claude Debussy) (5:38)
Underwater Wildlife

5. March from Jeux d'Enfants (Georges Bizet) (2:18)

6. Largo from Concerto in D (Antonio Vivaldi) (1:55)
Desert Wildlife

7. Rakoczy March from The Damnation Of Faust (Hector Berlioz) (1:23)
Australian Wildlife

8. Dance of the Water Nymphs from The Lorelei (Alfredo Catalani) (4:25)
North American Waterfowl in Winter

9. Symphony No. 1 In C Minor: Fourth Mvt. Theme (Johannes Brahms) (3:15)
North American Wildlife (Bison, Coyote, Eagle) in Winter

10. Firebird Suite: The Infernal Dance of King Kastchei (Igor Stravinsky) (1:07)
Army Ants

11. Firebird Suite: Cradle Song (Igor Stravinsky) (3:15)
Everglades Wildlife

12. Ballet Music from Aida (excerpt ) (Giuseppe Verdi) (2:10)
Amazon Wildlife

13. Ballet Music from Aida (excerpt) (Giuseppe Verdi) (1:29)
North American Wildlife

14. The Pleasure Dome of Kubla Khan (Charles Tomlinson Griffes) (5:58)
Serengeti Wildlife

15. Perpetual Motion (Johann Strauss, Jr.) (1:57)
Gooney Birds

16. Duet Theme from The Pearl Fishers (Georges Bizet) (2:43)
Arctic Wildlife and Orcas

17. Scherzo from A Midsummer Night's Dream (Felix Mendelssohn) (2:46)


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